Saturday, December 02, 2006

hao kan says hello of our squatter beasties we feed and talk to on our porch Posted by Picasa

The Star Ferry institution of its own. When they tried to raise the fare 5%, the Maoists came over and rioted in the streets. It is the same on both ends so they just switch controls. It is the most delightful way to get from Kowloon to the island. It is not just for tourists but serves workers as well. Posted by Picasa

Lanterns in the History Museum

 Posted by Picasa

Gaggle of geese and sausage

This was outside a barbeque shop where cooked meats are sold. I am sorry to report that it seemed like the whole lot was still there the next day. I do not think all was sold nor was it refridgerated. No we did not test the theory Posted by Picasa

Just another skyscraper at night

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Carol does a little street business

This street market was near the 2 hour motel and is said to be controlled by the Triads...local gangs but all was well and quite a blast. With my cast iron stomach, I tried something that was pure idea what it was but Gloria H would love it as it was a candied ginger. It is so much fun just to accept whatever it is that you choose. There were Christmas presents bought here folks so be ready. Posted by Picasa

Carol in HK Botanical and Zoo gardens

We went to the botanical gardens which are on the side of the Mt. leading up to the Peak. It was quite a steep walk but we perservered. They were big on lemurs with one lazy jaguar and a green bean eating gorilla but it was a good place to take a break from the noise and rush of the traffic. I left my camera on the bench. However, when I returned the next morning I was shocked to learn that it had been turned in and returned to me. WOW! Posted by Picasa

Umbrella Maker UK since 1947

This little "shop"was on the way to someplace and I have never seen anyone who cared about umbrellas for 59 years. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 01, 2006

Worlds most perfect breakfast

A hot Illy coffee double cap skinny and a chii cheese dog with grilled onions from a 24 hour hot dog stand in an alley in Hong Kong on a sunday morning. It just does not get much better than this.Posted by Picasa

The Goldfish market

Plastic bags filled with the THOUSANDS Posted by Picasa

Remember Susie Wong?

Somethings still do not change. This "Spanish Hotel" rented by the two hours. A big trade still Posted by Picasa

Carol shopping for Lanterns

 Posted by Picasa

The lantern man

The lantern man totalling up our purchases on his calculator Posted by Picasa

A night market in Kowloon

If you can not filter out people pollution then this would not be fun. As it was we had a blast although it is very intense and noisy. But oh my, the diversity of everything! Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving Day in Hong Kong

Just like in front of Macy's Posted by Picasa

On the way up

All of HK seems to be a sky scraper Posted by Picasa

Guess who is coming to dinner?

Carol meets Pierce Brosnan as 007.....say goodbye Bill Posted by Picasa

A contented bear

 Posted by Picasa

Lunch at the Peak

Indian tomato soup with ginger and naan with basil and paneer, Thai shrimp cakes with cream of roast chestnut and pumpkin soup and beer on top of Hong is good! Posted by Picasa

I am happy

A great lunch at The Peak overlooking the whole of Hong Kong and Kowloon Posted by Picasa

The Famous Star Ferry Dock at night

Looking from Kowloon side to Hong Kong Island side with all the skyscrapers in the distance Posted by Picasa

HK Light show

Part of the nightly laser light show across Victoria Harbor Hong Kong Posted by Picasa

hello kitty wedding car

hello kitty is a HUGE market for a little cat and her buddy. There is Hello Kitty everything here including these on the hood of the wedding Mercedes Posted by Picasa

Grumman's Chinese Theater Hong Kong version

Carol admiring Jet Li's hand and star Posted by Picasa

Gift from Hong Kong

The office folks commented on how they heard there were Krispy Kreme doughnuts in HK so I brought back 2 dozen ($30 worth!) and hand carried them on the plane. I was a king for a day! Posted by Picasa