Monday, May 19, 2008

Changes and returns to US

Hello all, we are sorry we have taken so long to do anything on the blog. My heavens we are busy! I have changed our slideshow to a web album of my spring break diving expedition on the tiny island of Langkayan which is located 1 1/2 hours by very high speed boat north of NE Borneo. It is only 40 acres big but it is currently featured on the Malaysia tourism TV ad. Truly a paradise. While I was communing with the fish and turtles, Carol was chaperoning HS students on a tour of Stratford and London theaters. She will post photos of her tour there.

We will be returning in June but will immediately head off for a snorkel/dive vacation to Bonaire near Venezuela for a week. With a stop in Indy we will be in DC near the end of June and ready to see folks and sniff a lot of campfire smoke. We will post more here before we leave but this must do for now.

Love to all