Monday, November 23, 2009

Father forgive me for I have sinned, it has been 3 months since my last post...

Sorry anybody...we have been so unfaithful to the blog. You have every right to abondon us. So here are some Taiwan bullet points. I hope you enjoy.
...I have signed up for year 5 at Taipei American School. The students, faculty, pay package and travel possibilities are just too good to pass up. There are other aspects that are a great challenge but my motto is "living well is the best revenge."

....We are just beginning our travel season for this year. Once we start we travel every month which is just what we want.

November, Luang prabang Laos...a village known for its temples, saffron robed monks and weaving, a French Indochine environment on the Mekong river.
December, Vienna and Prague...we fly to Vienna, take a train to Prague to visit friends, go to Mozart's Don Giovanni in the same opera house inwhich Mozart premiered it, the back to Vienna for New Year's Eve. We have been ordered to bring back Sacher Torte from Vienna so the plane will really smell good.
February, Chinese New Year...Bunaken and the Lembeh Straits in Sulawesi Indonesia for diving and snorkelling. This area was the sight of major submarine battles in WWII but now has some of the best diving in the world.
March, Spring break in Bali again. We can Not Not go to Bali for the music, spirituality, friends we have made, and the beauty of the land. We quiver with anticipation of the return.
April....Just a week and 1/2 after we return from break, I go to Sydney AU for a music conference on preserving culture with professional development money from the school. Carol hoes wii us.
MayCarol returns to USA late May and I follow the first week in June. WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!
.....I have been using Chinese medicine to improve a freezing shoulder. I have a male chinese tai ji masseuse come and beat me up and apply painful glass cups to my back and shoulder. he can find every insertion of a muscle and then make the area jump in pain. I then take AWEFUL chinese medicine made from herbs and "Stuff" but I am told it is good for my blood flow. I also get slapped so hard on my shoulder that I am blood red. AND IT HURTS.
.....The next night Megan our lovely masseuse comes and we have an 1 1/2 body massagefor around 15 USD and then fall into a stupor as an after affect.
.....Talkabout convenients...we were told not to go to 7-11 for ice but rather to call this ice house and have them deliver to the apartment, again for the cheap sum of 5 USD for a 20 lb bag.

More later but that is all the time for now.

Our love

B and C